Autumn Network Meeting

Our Autumn Network meeting had an Art focus. As with all our meetings, we wanted to keep our coordinators up to date with the latest developments and help show how we are working to support them within their schools. As such there were a number of interesting items on the agenda including iOS 11 updates, our free 3 minute videos (which we have developed specifically for our schools – at no charge), staff audits and as always the hotly anticipated Network meeting prize!

Art – Our featured Apps


Paint Sparkles Draw

Cost: £Free

A simple painting app which has some lovely features to engage younger children such as a “Fireworks mode”. The children can draw and paint freely or they can colour images provided. The free version of this app gives you a limited number of colouring pages.

Key Stage 1


Cost: £Free

This effective app allows you to take a picture (or insert an image) which it will remove the colour from, leaving a black and white image. You can then decide which elements to colour so that these elements can be emphasised.

Key Stage 2

Autodesk Sketchbook

Cost: £Free

This app has a lot of advanced features to allow your older pupils to really experiment with various brushes and techniques. Moreover, there are symmetry tools to enable the children to perfectly reflect their creations.

Some of our other favourite art apps




Our favourite iOS 11 updates

Split screen and Slide over

You can now easily have two apps open side by side allowing you to copy and paste or drag and drop effortlessly!

Annotate Screen shots

Having taken a screen shot you can now annotate it quickly and easily then share it or save it to your camera roll.

Inbuild QR reader

You no longer need a app to scan QR codes. Simply enable the QR scanner in your camera settings, point and go!

Notes Document Camera

In the Notes app, when you press the + in the bottom right hand corner it gives you the option to “Scan Documents.” Rather than take a picture of everything, a yellow box will appear around objects of interest. Simply press the circle (as you would do when taking a picture on the iPad) and your object has been scanned. See the video opposite. Easy!

Record your screen

Follow the video opposite to help set up the recorder option on your iPad. Once this is enabled you can record your screen as you work on your iPad. This recording can be saved and shared to support learning within your classroom.

Drag and Drop

No longer do you need to copy or save image to library. With the split screen option you can now simply drag images onto the document your are working on.

Courses 2017/18

For more information about our courses please click on the images below.

Data Protection Regulation

Please contact us for information regarding this new regulation. The coordinators who attended the Network meeting have received a paper copy of this document. We would be happy to send you a digital copy if you request it.

3 Minute Online Safety videos

We have created two Online Safety animations to help you inform your parents of how to protect their children on the internet. The big idea behind this project was to get the message out to as many parents as possible. The video is intended to be shown to parents when there is a collective audience e.g. before an assembly. Please note that due to the content of the animation we advise that children are not in the hall during the showing.

Our first two animations deal with Cyberbullying and Gaming. Your school will receive a copy of each animation before Christmas.

Free Image Sites

It is important for us to teach our children about copyright images. Therefore we would encourage you, especially when you are publishing online, to think about the source of the image. These sites provide free stock photos and images. You can also, when searching for images in Google, use the Tools tab and the Usage Rights tab to identify which images are available for reuse.

Google Search




Congratulations to James who was the winner of our prize – a custom made canvas for his school!