Online Safety

As CEOP Ambassadors, we provide tailored and robust training sessions to help you educate your pupils, staff, governors and parents in the importance of staying safe online. Through video, discussion and interactive sessions we examine how to use the Internet wisely to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the current issues and are educated to follow the S.M.A.R.T. rules.

Key Stage 1

Within Key Stage 1, we teach the children the importance of how to behave in the online world. Using their existing understanding of “Stranger Danger”, we demonstrate that how you behave in the online world should be similar to the way you behave in the real world. People we don’t know are strangers.

Key Stage 2

Within Key Stage 2, we focus attention on developing a more comprehensive understanding of passwords, social media and digital footprint. In addition, we provide bespoke lessons using Green Screen to enable the children to understand the importance of being discerning especially in this era of Fake News.

Staff and Governors

Our staff and governors’ sessions provide a comprehensive overview of the dangers of social media (for staff as well as the children), emerging local and national issues, DfE and Ofsted statutory requirements and practical tips to ensure policies are up to date and robust.


Our parents’ sessions provide a vital overview in helping to understand the importance of monitoring and filtering Internet and wifi settings at home, up to date advice on popular apps, the suitability of certain games and the long term negative effects of playing these games, as well as signposting parents to useful sites to provide guidance and practical support.


Parent Digital Literacy



Internet Matters